Facebook Friend Sleeve Tattoo Is a Hoax, Artist Says [VIDEO]

The epic, 152-friend tattoo that an anonymous woman flaunted on YouTube is a hoax.

Forbes is reporting that Rotterdam tattoo artist Dex Moelker, who owns the shop where the alleged tatting occurred, confessed. “It is a try-out tattoo, a transfer, that washes off in a couple of days,” he told a Dutch paper. Apparently, it took just a few hours, not 30, to apply.

Blogger Michel Wester pointed out that the hoax is most likely a viral campaign for Pretty Social, a company that allows you to buy bags, posters and other tchotchkes emblazoned with the faces of your Facebook friends. The woman thanks that company in the video, and the vid is featured on the company’s homepage. We’ve reached out to the company for a statement.

We messaged the “tattooed” woman Tuesday via YouTube and she responded this morning, stating that she wanted her identity to remain anonymous, but consented to answer questions. After we sent her our questions, she replied: “Because of the amazing interest worldwide I can’t respond to all of the questions unfortunately. I will try to give a statement tomorrow.”

We wonder if that statement will be that this is all an advertising campaign for Pretty Social.

Want to see some real social media tattoos? Check out this gallery from Mashable features writer Amy-Mae Elliott, below:

1. Blogger

We like Violet Blue's "blogger" tattoo, and it really works with those outrageously groovy shoes!

2. WordPress

Here at Mashable, we're WordPress fans, but to go as far as actually getting the logo inked on your skin? Maybe not.

3. Head Body HTML

This cool HTML tat is a pretty unique way of branding your neck.

4. Retro Apple Logo

Apple's colorful retro logo is the popular choice for many a fanboy, or in this case, fangirl.

5. Android

Natalie Thompson's love of open source software inspired her to permanently sport the little green Android bot on her forearm.

6. Dogcow

Stephen Hackett says his choice of Clarus the Dogcow reminds him "why [he] went to work at Apple, and in IT in general. It’s not the technology itself, but the cool things people do with it — the things that really matter."

7. Fail Whale

This Fail Whale tattoo, which adorns the skin of netizen Critter isn't the only one we've seen, but it's certainly the best.

8. Control, Alt, Del

You can't exactly "reboot" a tattoo, so hopefully this guy is happy with his skin art.

9. Sad Mac

You just know he's got the happy Mac symbol on his other leg...

10.Barcode and Ports

In addition to his array of ports, Joe Tech's barcode tattoo actually scans.

BONUS: A MySpace Mistake?

Is this for real? If so, it looks like someone is learning a hard lesson about the fast-changing face of the social web.

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