Hands-On: Twitter’s New Photo-Sharing Service

Twitter has begun rolling out its new photo-sharing feature to the masses.

The new Twitter photo service, which replaces the functionality provided by TwitPic, Yfrog and other photo-sharing services, is part of both Twitter’s photo and video revamp and Twitter’s new integration deep within Apple iOS 5. The photo feature is powered by Photobucket, a fact that is impossible to miss on tweets using the new Twitter feature.

We took Twitter’s new photo-sharing feature for a quick test drive. Check out the pics and let us know in the comments if you can access this new feature yet:

Camera icon

That means the service is live on your account. To post a photo, click the icon.

Oops, that's not an image

If you try to upload a video or a doc, you'll get this alert.

Enter text

Once the photo's uploaded, all you have to do is type your tweet and click send.

Pic displays on the right pane

If you click a tweet with a photo, it appears in the right pane with a "Powered by Photobucket" line underneath. It's just like TwitPic or Yfrog on Twitter.

Another test

If you click the link, it takes you to the tweet with the picture, not the actual jpeg.

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