Q: Why should I come to you with my broken iPhone?

A: iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre is one of the best independent iPhone repair service centres in Sydney. Our Mobile phone technicians have been dealing with repairs on mobile devices for the last 10 years and have specialities on iPhone repairs & Tuning since the first iPhone was released. iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre offers the fastest, efficient, safe, secure repair service for all iPhones. 
Proudly we are a member of 'iPhone Repair Specialists Alliance'. We do continuously skill-up iPhone repairs with other iPhone Specialists in addition develop new services together.   
Why don't you try to get a great service experience from us? Just call us now. You will be amazed at our 5 Stars iPhone Repair Service.  

Q: How can I be sure about the quality of your Apple iPhone repairs?

A: iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre has the specialities on All iPhone versions and know-how to repair your damaged iPhone back to the same condition as it came from the Apple factory with the exact same parts. our iPhone Technicians have been repairing iPhones since the first iPhone was released. Based on our customer database, Annually more than 5500 broken iPhones have been repaired. Furthermore There are a 3 months extended warranty service for FREE(excluding water damage repairs), a 6 months Paid Warranty service and a 9 Months Paid Warranty Service as well. Don't take any risk about your precious iPhone from underground private iPhone Repairers (Just Consider Hobby Vs Business Professional). 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. Call iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre TODAY.    

Q: How long will I have to be without my iPhone while its being repaired by iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre?

A: Most of Apple iPhone Repairs takes around 30 minutes such as broken iPhone screen repair, iPhone Battery Replacement and so forth. What it means is iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre can fix All iPhone problems While you wait. However like water damaged iPhone or unknown iPhone problems might take longer than other normal repairs. 
We offer 'Free Mobile Phone Rental Service' to a customer. If the iPhone Repair takes longer and you need 24 hours 7 days 'get connected', Simply ask us 'I need Mobile Phone For Free while I wait!'.

Q: I would like to send my iPhone via Australia Postal Service, is it ok? 

Yes, iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre Offers "Fastest Turnaround mail-in/out service". If you are from other cities or very busy, this mail-in/out service is the best method for Secure & fast iPhone Repairs. We recommend you to use 'Express Post Platinum'. Because it has very outstanding features for instance, Guaranteed next day deliverySignature on deliveryOnline item tracking, Proof of posting and even more. You can find more information of 'Express Post Platinum' from Australia Post . Just the peace of mind, More than 3000 interstate iPhone users have been served so far, even none of iPhone has been lost.
Post your cracked iPhone today. Click here to find out 'How/where/what to send'

Q: Do you use original Apple Parts?

A: Yes, We do. 

Q: Will this repair void my Apple iPhone warranty?

A: iPhone Screen(iPhone Glass, iPhone Digitizer, iPhone touch screen), home button, speaker and LCD repairs do not void the warranty as iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre replaces the damaged parts with Originals. The iPhone repairs that may affect the warranty are iPhone battery replacement, iPhone back housing replacement, iPhone dock connector, headphone jack and mute button switch replacements, because these repairs include the removal of the warranty sticker in order to access the areas required for replacements.

Q: Will I get charged if you have quoted for a repair and I decide not to go ahead?

A: No. No Fix, No Pay. Excluding Water Damaged iPhone Repairs. 

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Basically All Payment methods are available. The most common payment is Cash. The Credit Card is also one of  easy and convenient payment methods which is supported by PayPal Australia Pty Limited ABN 93 111 195 389 (AFSL 304962).