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I Got Stuck iPad Power Button, Any Tips On How To Fix It?

In spite of its appearance, Apple iPad is a small computer and just like every other computer set, it may sometimes act strange. This chapter attempts to review a couple of simple ways you can deploy to fix common iPad power button and/or iPad home button issues. But should your unit be acting erratically or strangely, it is most likely that a certain component within the device is causing the glitch. If that should be the case, then you mightn’t really be left with much option but to order the unit for repairs. Luckily, most iPad stuck issues are momentary and are often fixed by performing a couple of the methods listed below;

Restarting The iPad

This is typically one of the best ways to fix any iPad issue. By restarting the unit you are reloading the entire system which in most cases is enough to fix a number of problems. You can do this by pressing and holding down the sleep/wake button for some seconds after which you see the slide to shut off the screen. Use the slider to turn off the device for a couple of seconds before you restart it once again. This should be enough to resolve any issue with your iPad home button or the power button.

Rebooting The iPad

Should the restarting process not work for your device then you need to reboot the hardware while fixing the issue. To do this, you will have to press the sleep/wake and Home buttons and hold them for as long as the Apple logo appears. If this is successful, then a hardware rebooting is completed as such any button issue should be automatically fixed.

Turn Off Any Frozen App

Should your unit stuck or frozen as a result of an application not working properly, you can practically force the app to quit and get your unit functioning as it should. To do this, press down the Home button and hold on to it for five seconds or thereabout until the app has been disappeared from the screen. After turn off the buggy application, your unit shall return to its home screen and begins to function appropriately.

Send Your iPad For Repairs

Without the bells and whistles, if after trying all of the aforementioned simple repair options the stuck thing still persists, then you might want to take it to a professional for repair. If your Apple iPad is still covered by the Apple warranty and you are ready to do without it throughout the Apple lengthy turnaround time, then you can send it to any Apple Store for repair. But if otherwise however, you can ship it to a dependable third party repair specialist in your locality or abroad. Compared to Apple Stores, the turnaround time for third party specialists is usually between one or two days and at very low cost you will get your device back working perfectly. For iPad users in Australia, you can get Apple iPad power button stuck repair in Sydney by iPad repairs Specialist Sydney.