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iPad Not Working

The world’s most anticipated Apple iPad is here and the release of its first generation did not hold the same amount of frenzy typically accompany most Apple’s product launches. However, hundreds of thousands of people now own this inventive tablet computer and its acceptance still continues to increase geometrically across the world. But then the phrase “first generation” usually comes with the words like “bugs and quirks” and more often than not, most new users of this Apple tablet will experience issues normally consort with first generation gadgets.

Conversely, there are some simple and easy practical guides you can give a go whenever you encounter issues with your device. Below are some simple practical guides to help you get iPad repair at any point in time.

Soft iPad Reset

If your iPad is not working as it should, perhaps it hangs or it’s functioning intermittently and the battery is not empty, try resetting it first before considering other iPad repairs. In most cases, simple iPad problems can be resolved by carrying out a soft iPad reset. To do this, press and hold the power button for about three to five seconds after which the slider button appears. With your finger slide the arrow to switch the device off. Wait for ten seconds or thereabout before switching it on again. This is the iPad form of reboot, and you will not lose any of your saved contents.

Hard iPad Reset

If your Apple iPad problem won’t go away even after performing a soft reset, you might want to try a hard reset. It is the iPad repair method for more complicated iPad problems. To perform a hard reset, you need to first install the RecBoot app on your computer –Mac or Windows- and then connect the iPad to the computer. Run the RecBoot program and once it recognizes the iPad click on the button “Enter Recovery Mode” and “Restore” in the iTunes pane. This method completely erases all contents in the iPad and takes it back to its factory settings; hence it is advised that you backup your important files before doing hard reset. Hopefully, this will fix your iPad problem(s).

Online iPad Repair Company

Online repair companies have dramatically risen to the challenge of iPad repairs, and iPad users across the globe are enjoying all the benefits. These companies have been the major way to go for users who want easy, fast and cheap repair solutions for their various Apple tablets. iPad repairs Sydney is one of these online repair companies that offer amazingly fast turnaround times and you wouldn’t want to head for nowhere except the post office. All you just need to do is to mail your damaged unit to them and within 24hours or thereabout your device will be returned to you as good as when you first got it. It is that simple. For those with unidentifiable problem, iPad repairs Sydney will offer diagnostic services to first determine what the issue was, and this service is completely free.