iPhone 3G Repairs

iPhone 3G Battery Repair                                    

Are you worried about your iPhone battery that now discharges very quickly? Are you confused about whether or not you should go for Apple iPhone battery replacement immediately? Most of the iPhone users usually take the iPhone battery issues very lightly. If you think your iPhone is one of the smartest handheld electronic gadgets in market today, you’re certainly right. But, if you think your iPhone battery is also exceptional and that it doesn’t need..... read more...

iPhone 3G Water Damage Repair     

Looking for iPhone liquid damage repair? Here’s what you need to do! Your iPhone is no doubt one among the most elegant and the fastest moving device in the market today and you have all the rights in the world to flaunt about it! However, the only thing that most iPhone owners complaint about is the fact that device is extremely slippery that makes it highly prone to accidents. Its fragile glass screen breaks.. read more... 

iPhone 3G Broken Glass & LCD Repair            

iPhone 3G Broken Glass Repair                         

iPhone 3G Broken LCD Repair 

iPhone 3G Audio Jack Repair                             

iPhone 3G Back Housing Replacement-Black  

iPhone 3G Back Housing Replacement-White 

iPhone 3G Complete Refurbishment-Black       

iPhone 3G Complete Refurbishment-White       

iPhone 3G Docking & Charging Port Repair

iPhone 3G EarSpeaker Repair                      

iPhone 3G Home Button Repair                    

iPhone 3G Loudspeaker Repair                    

iPhone 3G Microphone Repair                      

iPhone 3G Power Button Repair                    

iPhone 3G Tilt Sensor Repair                        

iPhone 3G Vibrate Repair                              

iPhone 3G Volume Repair                             

iPhone 3G WiFi Repair