All about the iPhone Liquid Damage Repair

Looking for iPhone liquid damage repair? 

Here’s what you need to do! Your iPhone is no doubt one among the most elegant and the fastest moving device in the market today and you have all the rights in the world to flaunt about it! However, the only thing that most iPhone owners complaint about is the fact that device is extremely slippery that makes it highly prone to accidents. Its fragile glass screen breaks and develops spider web-like cracks if the device ends up falling down against a hard surface. In case, you happen to accidentally drop it in water or some sort of a liquid, it will most probably stop functioning. The latter case is a common issue nowadays and therefore, it is necessary for you to know all about the repairing iPhone liquid damage in case you too are one of the unfortunate victims of iPhone water damage. 

How to know if you need to go for iPhone liquid damage repair? 
First of all, you need to check for damage. Your iPhone is having a special built-in Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI) at the bottom of headphone jack or/and below the dock connector housing. It is through these indicators that the technicians actually understand the problem when you give them the device for repair.  Note that these indicators get activated and usually turn their color from white/silver to ‘pink’/red the moment they come in contact with any liquid. So, check for color change in each of these indicators. If that is the case with you, read on. If not, thank god and contact a local iPhone repair store to know the reason that caused your iPhone to stop functioning. 
Is iPhone Liquid damage covered Under Warranty?

The first option available to you to get the iPhone liquid damage repair done is of course to go to the Apple service center. But, note that even if your device is still under Apple 1-year protection plan, you are not qualified to get the water damage repair done free of cost. This is because any accidental damage done to the iPhone is deemed to have caused due to the user’s irresponsibility and isn’t covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. So, think twice before heading to the Apple store or be ready to shell out $199 for the repair!
Is it advisable to fix the iPhone using Do-it-Yourself Kits?
If there isn’t any Apple service center in your locality or if you think the Apple repair charges are a bit too high, you needn’t worry. You can do the iPhone liquid damage repair yourself as well! To begin with, you must first dry out your iPhone completely. Make sure you have switched off your wet iPhone! Don’t attempt to plug it in or turn it on as you might electrocute yourself or end up causing a short circuit inside the device. First wipe off the excess liquid from your iPhone. The remaining moisture can be dried out using silica gel, uncooked rice, or very low heat (like hair dryer set at low heat setting or the laptop’s heat vent). Once dried completely, the iPhone will most likely turn on automatically. If that doesn’t happen, you’ll have to open the iPhone case and repair the damage. For this, you need to purchase the special iPhone liquid damage repair DIY tutorial videos and tool kits. However, as even your slightest mistake can cause permanent damage to your iPhone, it is advisable to avoid doing the repair yourself until and unless you’re experienced and technically competent enough to do it. 

What is the Best Option for Repair then? 

The best option is to take your iPhone to local iPhone repair stores in your locality. Just make sure the repair technicians are certified and the repair comes with a warranty. You may ask your friends to refer you to one of these stores or you may just look for them online in any search engine. Just key in “iPhone liquid damage repair” and hit search! Choose the best ones from the lists presented to you. You can either visit the stores personally or call the technician at home to collect your iPhone for repair. 

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