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iPhone Repair Specialist Alliance Lab Testing - Touch Glass - Water Droplet *. This test was conducted by iPhone Repairs Specialist Alliance. Please click each image to see more. Hopefully You can make the better decision for repairing your Broken iPhone

iPhone Repair Specialist Alliance Lab Testing - Touch Glass - Water Droplet

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iPhone 3Gs Camera Repair

Is your iPhone camera not working properly? Has it stopped functioning completely? Is that broken camera making you feel “out of focus”?! Whatever be the case, you must be really worried by now! Well, you need not get anxious as there is an easy way out to fix your damaged iPhone camera. Your iPhone is an incredible gadget... read more...

iPhone WiFi Not Working - Tips to Troubleshoot iPhone WiFi Problems

Is your iPhone WiFi not working? There are a number of iPhone WiFi problems that are commonly faced by most iPhone users. The ways in which you can troubleshoot these problems largely depend on the nature or the cause of the problem. For instance, if you are facing issues.... read more...

iPhone 3Gs Microphone Repair

The functionality of the 
Apple iPhone microphone is no doubt exceptional. But, don’t forget that in every handheld electronic gadget, additional layers of brilliant functionalities usually mean additional layers of troubleshooting to fix these functionalities when they stop responding normally! Unlike most of the other phones in the market today, the iPhone features... read more...

iPhone 3Gs Water Damage Repair

Are you worried because your iPhone just got wet and stopped functioning? Are you clueless about what you should do now with your wet iPhone? If that is the case, you just needn’t worry. Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent permanent damage and repair the water damaged iPhone. The first... read more...

iPhone 3Gs Loudspeaker Repair

Being an iPhone user, you must be aware that your precious iPhone is highly sensitive and prone to a number of problems. The issues commonly faced by majority of the iPhone users while using the device include iPhone sound problems and various other audio issues with the iPhone speakers. These problems sometimes recur so frequently that you’ll begin to feel helpless and annoyedYou’ll get so frustrated that someday, you might end up ..... read more....


iPhone 3Gs Audio Jack Repair

iPhone 3Gs Back Housing Replacement-Black

iPhone 3Gs Back Housing Replacement-White

iPhone 3Gs Battery Repair

iPhone 3Gs Broken Glass & LCD Repair

iPhone 3Gs Broken Glass Repair

iPhone 3Gs Broken LCD Repair

iPhone 3Gs Complete Refurbishment-Black

iPhone 3Gs Complete Refurbishment-White

iPhone 3Gs Docking & Charging Port Repair

iPhone 3Gs EarSpeaker Repair

iPhone 3Gs Home Button Repair

iPhone 3Gs Power Button Repair

iPhone 3Gs Tilt Sensor Repair

iPhone 3Gs Vibrate Repair

iPhone 3Gs Volume Repair

iPhone 3Gs Chrome Bezel Replacement

iPhone 3Gs Sync Connector Replacement

iPhone 3Gs Broken SIM Reader Repair