Fixing iPhone Speakers - Ways to Deal with iPhone Sound Problems

Being an iPhone user, you must be aware that your precious iPhone is highly sensitive and prone to a number of problems. 

The issues commonly faced by majority of the iPhone users while using the device include iPhone sound problems and various other audio issues with the iPhone speakers. These problems sometimes recur so frequently that you’ll begin to feel helpless and annoyed. You’ll get so frustrated that someday, you might end up stabbing your iPhone or throwing it away in the bin! So, what’s the solution to this? How can you prevent such a situation? How to go about fixing iPhone speaker problems? These are some questions that often trouble most iPhone users. If you too have the issue of the iPhone speaker not working, it is advisable to get it fixed immediately before the situation gets worse. There are several kinds of iPhone speaker issues that you can face while using an iPhone. The way in which these iPhone sound problems should be dealt with also largely depends on the reason that causes them.
The most common type of problem faced with iPhone speakers is a non-functional earpiece. Your iPhone will delivers audio normally while the speakerphone is on, but won’t work through the stereo headset or the earpiece. This happens when the iPhone forgets its current mode and delivers the audio via the jack instead of the earpiece. If that is the case with you, all you need to do is reset the device. To reset your iPhone, just hold down the “Home” and “Sleep” buttons together and then click on “Restore” (below the summary tab). This will help the iPhone remember to make the right audio delivery. However, before you reset your phone, don’t forget to create a data backup file on your computer! If this doesn’t help, the earpiece has most possibly got damaged. In this case, you have no other option than to replace them. 
Another kind of problem with iPhone speakers is the speakers’ low volume levels. This issue of low volume in one or both speakers of the iPhone is one amongst the most common iPhone sound problems reported by iPhone users from all over the world. To be more precise, low volume problems were faced by users only until the firmware v.1.1.1 was installed by Apple. If you don’t have firmware v.1.1.1 in your iPhone upgrade, you needn’t worry. Just stick a small needle through the tiny holes of the speaker enclosures once or twice. This trick can actually help you enhance the volume by nearly 40%!!

Is the iPhone speaker not working still!? Don’t worry! 

Check if the headphones are still working well. If the iPhone speakers are not responding, but the headphones are working fine, the problem most likely lies in the headphone jack sensor. Sometimes, it so happens that dirt and dust particles in the jack sensor make the iPhone assume that the headphones are plugged in. This false assumption causes the device to route all the audio to the headset. To solve this issue, you may simply clean or brush off the debris stuck on the sensor. If the speakers don’t work even after this, then assume that it is high time to take your iPhone to a local iPhone repair specialist to get the iPhone speakers fixed.

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