iPhone WiFi Not Working - Tips to Troubleshoot iPhone WiFi Problems

Is your iPhone WiFi not working? 

There are a number of iPhone WiFi problems that are commonly faced by most iPhone users. The ways in which you can troubleshoot these problems largely depend on the nature or the cause of the problem. For instance, if you are facing issues in connecting to the internet with your iPhone at any WiFi hotspot, such as the ones located at Starbucks or Borders, it is advisable to first renew the DHCP lease of the WiFi hotspot. In order to do this, go to ‘Settings’ in your iPhone menu and tap ‘WiFi Networks’. Next, choose the WiFi network of commercial hotspot you wish to connect to and then click on the ‘Renew Lease’ button in the given DHCP panel. This must certainly resolve your iPhone WiFi problem.
Another reason for your iPhone WiFi not working could be a problem with the MAC address-filtering. In case your iPhone always appears to be connected to internet over WiFi but keeps returning to EDGE as you attempt to access a webpage, it is probably facing this problem. This usually happens when the wireless router starts using MAC address filtering and the MAC address in your iPhone has not yet been entered into the filter list. This problem might also arise in case the WEP password hasn’t been entered correctly. 

To troubleshoot this issue, here is what you should do – 
If the problem is with MAC address filtering – To ensure that the WiFi address of your iPhone is entered into the filter of the router, tap “Settings > General > About”. For more details, refer to your wireless router’s documentation. 
If the problem is due to incorrect WEP password – Go to iPhone Settings and tap Wi-Fi.  Click on “More Info” option next to the name of the Wi-Fi network that you are using. Then, tap “Forget this Network”. Exit menu and try to access the network once again. If this doesn’t work, just switch off the WEP encryption on wireless router. But, note that this might make the network highly prone to attacks from unwanted users and hackers.
There are several other iPhone WiFi problems that might result in the iPhone WiFi not working. Some of these problems and tips to troubleshoot them are as follows – 
- If the WiFi signal is weak, just turn off the WiFi on your iPhone and let the device use EDGE instead.
- If you see the error message stating “Unable to Join Network Failure (error -3)" as you try to connect to the Wi-Fi network, first verify your SSID and your device’s WEP password. Make sure the security settings of your Wi-Fi access point match with your iPhone security settings. Also, if the QoS feature is ‘on’ on the router, disable it. 
If even after trying all the aforementioned suggestions, you are troubled with the iPhone WiFi not working, just take your iPhone to the reputed iPhone repair specialist in your locality to get all the iPhone WiFi problems resolved. Just make sure that the repair comes with a warranty and is done by technicians having a prior experience in dealing with various wifi problems of the iPhones. 

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