Repairing a Wet iPhone Tips and Tricks

Are you worried because your iPhone just got wet and stopped functioning? 

Are you clueless about what you should do now with your wet iPhone? 

If that is the case, you just needn’t worry. Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent permanent damage and repair the water damaged iPhone. The first and foremost thing that you must remember is that when your iPhone gets wet and stops working, you must not try to switch it on! Also, don’t attempt to plug it in an electric socket. Any such careless attempt can cause your iPhone to short circuit, thereby causing the internal circuitry of the iPhone to damage permanently. Also, in the worst case, you might get electrocuted! Therefore, this is one tip that you must keep in mind when handling a wet iPhone. In rare cases, if your iPhone is working even after getting wet, switch it off immediately. 

Next, wipe off the excess water from the iPhone and let the remaining moisture dry in air. If the water is too much to dry on its own, the best trick to dry it is to keep your iPhone next to the heat vent of your laptop! Try it; it really works. However, if this trick somehow doesn’t work well for you, you may try drying the excess water using a hairdryer, adjusted at the lowest/minimum heat setting. Once the iPhone is dried completely, it will switch on by itself after a while. But, in no case, you should expose your wet iPhone to extreme heat conditions - not even bright direct sunlight. 

If, in the worst case scenario, mild heating and air drying, as suggested above, don’t seem to help, here is another trick you can use. You might have come across several websites and articles that suggest keeping the drenched iPhone in rice as the safest way to dry the excess moisture. But, trust me, the method simply doesn’t work. And even if it works, it’ll surely take almost a week for the entire moisture to get absorbed by the rice. So, it’s better not to waste your time and effort in it. Instead, use silica gel. Silica gel sachets work as a very good substitute to rice. Once all the moisture is absorbed from your wet iPhone, it will turn on automatically.
But, unfortunately, if none of the aforementioned tricks work, chances are that either a component inside the iPhone has broken or the excess moisture has damaged the internal circuits. So, in such a case, you must take the water damaged phone to the nearest iPhone repair store as soon as possible. If you choose to take your iPhone to the Apple service center, you’ll have to pay a heavy fee of over $199 as water damage of any sort isn’t covered under Apple’s warranty. Moreover, as Apple stores are not located everywhere, you might have to travel very long to actually reach the store. Even of the Apple service center in there in your locality, you’ll to take an advance appointment to get the repair done. If your turn comes in a week, consider yourself lucky! So, the best option to get your drenched iPhone repaired is to take it to a reputed local iPhone specialist. Although you can also use the DIY kit to fix the iPhone water damage, it is advisable to hand it over to certified iPhone repair professionals who are experienced enough in wet iPhone repair

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