iPhone 4 Repairs

iPhone 4 Screen Replacement & iPhone 4 Glass Replacement are iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre's Specialities. Our iPhone Repair Technicians Knew every single part of iPhone 4 and we always do study & research 'the best of best solutions' for iPhone 4 Problems together ( a member of iPhone Repair Specialists Alliance ).

 Have you got a Broken iPhone 4? This is the right time to get Stunning Colourful iPhone 4 (White, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Transparent). No Extra cost for Conversion Service. Talk to one of iPhone Tuning Specialists Today.

 No More Black & White : True Colour Swapping iPhone 4 (Red, Pink, Green & more)

 It's not a sticker nor case. True Colour swapping RRP $279.00 Call 8003 5876 Now, Get it done 
(Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Transparent, White)
 Colour Glass Back Cover for iPhone 4 : Only $55.00 ( Gold, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue) - Within 10 Mins DONE..
 Colour Metal-Look Back Cover for iPhone 4 : Only $35.00 ( Sliver, Red, Purple, Pink, Lime, Gold, Blue, Black) - Within 10 Mins DONE..
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iPhone Repair Specialist Alliance Lab Testing - Touch Glass - Water Droplet *. This test was conducted by iPhone Repairs Specialist Alliance. Please click each image to see more. Hopefully You can make the better decision for repairing your Broken iPhone

iPhone Repair Specialist Alliance Lab Testing - Touch Glass - Water Droplet

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How Many Cracked iPhone Screen have been Repaired by iPhone Repair Sydney Specialists

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Convert from Black iPhone 4 to White iPhone 4       

White iPhone 4 Conversion is easy, simple, fast and safe with us. Now You can get a Stunning White iPhone 4 in Sydney. We are the ONLY One who fixed White iPhone 4's Proximity sensor issue. Bring your Black iPhone 4, Be WHITE Right NOW. read more...

iPhone 4 Audio Jack Repair

Is your iPhone headset not working? Is the person on the other side not able to hear you when you are using your iPhone headphones? If that is the case, it is quite possible that your iPhone headphone jack might have broken! But, wait! You need not rush to... read more...                                                        

Did you know The life and performance of the iPhone 4 battery tends to diminish gradually with time? You have three choices. #1 Ask iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre to replace the iPhone 4 Battery, #2 Buy iPhone 4 external battery pack, #3 Always carry iPhone 4 Charger. You can get your iPhone 4 back with a brand new Powerful Battery Instantly. Call Us NOW to help you immediately. Read more...  

iPhone 4 Broken Glass & LCD Repair                         

iPhone 4 Broken Glass Repair                                      

iPhone 4 Broken LCD Repair                                        

iPhone 4 Water Damage Repair   

Do you remember the last time you dropped a handheld electronic gadget accidentally into water? What had happened to that device after it got wet? Most likely, it might have stopped functioning. The same thing can happen to your precious iPhone as well. If your iPhone has just got exposed to water or moisture, you would certainly need a good..... read more..

Are you one of those millions of unlucky new iPhone 4 users who are fed up of saying “Can you hear me now” each time they answer a call? If yes, you are yet another unfortunate victim of the so-called Apple iPhone 4’s ‘Death Grip’, wherein holding your iPhone in your left hand will dampen the device’s cellular signal. This weird problem in reception is actually caused due to the poor design of the fancy iPhone antenna system. Experts say that..... read more....                                 

iPhone 4 USB Port Repair                                             

iPhone 4 Vibrate Repair                                                 

iPhone 4 Volume Repair                                                

iPhone 4 Home Button Repair

In the world of fairy tales, it was the bread crumbs' trail that helped Hansel & Gretel to reach home and a pair of ruby slippers that showed Dorothy the way to her home. With the amazing features and apps of iPhone 4, our lives have now become no less than a fairy tale. The only difference is that in this case, what leads you home is your iPhone 4's Home Button! ..... read more....                                   

The iPhone 4 Glass and LCD screen are very fragile and highly prone to breakage on slightest impact against a hard surface. Any crack in the screen can cause the dust to enter into the iPhone and damage its internal circuitry. As the iPhone 4 has an incredibly sophisticated design, it is not possible to repair.... read more..

iPhone 4 Glass Replacement

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Convert Black iPhone 4 to White Housing with Black Accents

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-Black 

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-Black (No Frame) 

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-White 

iPhone 4 Back Glass Replacement-White (No Frame) 

iPhone 4 Complete Refurbishment-Black                    

iPhone 4 Complete Refurbishment-Black (No Frame)