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Your iPhone Headphone Jack Might Be Broken! Fix It Now…

Is your iPhone headset not working?
Is the person on the other side not able to hear you when you are using your iPhone headphones? If that is the case, it is quite possible that your iPhone headphone jack might have broken! But, wait! You need not rush to the Apple store immediately for repair. There are several reasons that can lead to an unresponsive headset. For instance, it can be water damage, problem with the microphone, or an issue with the headphone jack! Therefore, first you need to ensure that the reason behind the problem you’ve been facing with your headset is the broken headphone jack and not something else. 
If you notice carefully, the white earphones of your iPhone include a tiny remote control and a small microphone (see the small square button on the right cord of your earphones). While the microphone enables the user to use the headphones as headset while attending the phone calls, the remote facilitates music control and other related features. In case you aren’t able to activate the Voice Control of your iPhone or increase/decrease its volume, or if the people you call aren’t able to hear you, there is a serious problem that needs to be identified and rectified at the earliest. But, this problem might not necessarily be with your headphones. The unresponsive iPhone headphone jack might be the main culprit behind it. 

Majority of the iPhone users keep their devices in their pockets and pockets are usually full of dust and lint. As the iPhones lie in our pockets most of the time, the lint, dust, and dirt particles in our pockets easily find their way to the headphone jack. If the lint is in excess, it may block the connection between the headphone and the headphone jack, thereby causing several other problems. If you think lint is the main cause of all headphone problems, you may simply try the following tips now – 
Shine a torch light into the iPhone headphone jack and confirm if there is any lint stuck in it.
If you detect lint inside the headphone jack, shoot compressed air or simply blow into the jack to force the lint out. 
In case the lint is tightly packed inside, dig it out gently using a small pipe cleaner, paper clip, hair pin, or any other similar tool. However, make sure not to dig too hard as you might end up damaging the jack permanently. Also make sure that you do not use moisture or a wet tool to clean the headphone jack.

If, even after trying out the aforementioned tips, you experience problems with your headphone jack and your headset, it is high time to get an appointment fixed with your nearest Apple Genius Bar or meet the local iPhone repair specialist to get the repair done. This is because the headphone jack of your iPhone might be broken! And if, unfortunately, that is the case, you must get your broken iPhone headphone jack repaired by skilled iPhone repair technicians as soon as possible.