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iPhone 4 Screen Repair

The iPhone 4 Glass and LCD screen are very fragile and highly prone to breakage on slightest impact against a hard surface. Any crack in the screen can cause the dust to enter into the iPhone and damage its internal circuitry. As the iPhone 4 has an incredibly sophisticated design, it is not possible to repair the broken glass screen at home using a repair kit. One can only rely upon experienced iPhone technicians to get this job done.

iPhone 4 Screen Repair
If you too have broken your iPhone 4 Glass & LCD screen, you can get it repaired within a half hour time at our iPhone Repairs Hurstville Centre. Our expert iPhone 4 technicians have a rich experience of over 10 years and can proficiently replace the damaged glass screen of your iPhone 4, install a new LCD screen, and brand new digitizer for you. The repair is done with extreme precision, ensuring a tight fit and no scope of future contamination of the internal machinery. 

We offer warranted service with 100% satisfaction guarantee and accept payment only after repair is done.

 Have you got a Broken iPhone 4? This is the right time to get Stunning Colourful iPhone 4 (White, Red, Pink, Green, Yellow, and Transparent). No Extra cost for Conversion Service. Talk to one of iPhone Tuning Specialists Today.

 No More Black & White : True Colour Swapping iPhone 4 (Red, Pink, Green & more)

 It's not a sticker nor case. True Colour swapping RRP $279.00 Call 8003 5876 Now, Get it done 
(Pink, Red, Green, Yellow, Transparent, White)
 Colour Glass Back Cover for iPhone 4 : ( Gold, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue) - Within 10 Mins DONE..
 Colour Metal-Look Back Cover for iPhone 4 : ( Sliver, Red, Purple, Pink, Lime, Gold, Blue, Black) - Within 10 Mins DONE..
Currently it's only available at Hurstville Repair Centre. Call 8003 5876, 02 8959 8276 
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