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Repairing iPhone Water Damage

Do you remember the last time you dropped a handheld electronic gadget accidentally into water? 

What had happened to that device after it got wet? 

Most likely, it might have stopped functioning. The same thing can happen to your precious iPhone as well. If your iPhone has just got exposed to water or moisture, you would certainly need a good iPhone water damage repair done as soon as possible. But, there are few vital things that you should keep in mind to avoid causing permanent damage to the device. 

First, if your iPhone was switched on when it got wet, switch it off immediately. In case it was already switched off, don’t turn it on as switching on a wet iPhone can cause a short circuit. Next, try drying the excess moisture as much as possible. However, make sure you don’t use any kind of heating to dry the moisture. Commonly suggested ideas like keeping your wet iPhone in rice to dry it are not advisable and hence, you must not even try them out. However, Silica gel does act as a good substitute to rice. Finally, you must immediately contact the nearest Apple store or a local iPhone repair specialist to get the iPhone water damage repair done immediately

The first option that you have to repair your water damaged iPhone is to take it to the Apple service center. But, before heading to the nearest Apple store, it is essential to understand Apple’s warranty offered on all iPhones. If you’ve opted for the AppleCare Protection Plan (APP) or the 1-year limited warranty plan, note that this particular plan does not cover any sort of iPhone damage caused by a liquid. However, you can still opt for Apple’s ‘out-of-warranty’ service, which is charged at $199. If you avail this facility online or by contacting the manufacturer’s technical support team, you’ll have to bear an additional shipping charge of $6.95. Also note that if your iPhone has really been damaged by water or any other liquid, the iPhone water damage sensors located below the dock connector and in the headphone at the top would turn pink in color! The repair specialists at Apple use these LCIs (Liquid Contact Indicators) to detect the issues with the iPhone.

But, would you like to invest as much as $200 in an Apple service center when you can get a good wet iPhone repair done at much lesser prices? Nowadays, most of the local cell phone repair stores have certified iPhone repair technicians, who can repair your iPhone with utmost precision within a day or two. You may choose a reputed iPhone repair store in your locality and get in touch with them to get the iPhone water damage repaired. However, as prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to use a waterproof iPhone case to prevent any such damage in future.