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Solving iPhone 4 antenna problem

Are you one of those millions of unlucky new iPhone 4 users who are fed up of saying “Can you hear me now” each time they answer a call? 

If yes, you are yet another unfortunate victim of the so-called Apple iPhone 4’s ‘Death Grip’, wherein holding your iPhone in your left hand will dampen the device’s cellular signal. This weird problem in reception is actually caused due to the poor design of the fancy iPhone antenna system. Experts say that this is one among the biggest technical flaws till date. Quite interestingly, the easy solution that has been provided by the Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, to resolve all the iPhone antenna problems is to “Just avoid holding it that way”! But, the fact is that it is not possible to live in denial for long. After all, you have paid a heavy amount for an iPhone 4 and you have all the rights to claim a device that is free from any technical glitches. 

Anyways, you need not worry! Your iPhone 4 antenna problem is not as serious as it seems to be. The best way to resolve it is to purchase a bumper for your iPhone. It’s a quick solution that can certainly alleviate the iPhone antenna problem in no time. If you really don’t mind using that ugly bumper on your smart-looking iPhone 4, you can get one from the nearest Apple store for just $30. Avoid purchasing a fancy plastic/rubber case online for $100 from websites like eBay. These cases do look good, but they might not work very well. Buy them only if you get a reasonable deal! Here are some other ways to fix your iPhone antenna problems-
If you are looking for a good-looking high-end case for your iPhone 4, you may go for high-design cases from companies like Mophie. These cases come in a wide range of designs and textures and some of them also feature external battery packs to enhance your iPhone’s battery life. 
Avoid holding the iPhone in your hand while talking. Instead use a handsfree device or ear buds with iPhone microphone. This will easily solve your problem if your iPhone is really causing you problems due to the Death Grip.
You may also go for 6-pack Antenna-aid stickers available at any Apple store for just $4.99. They are also a great option to fix your iPhone 4 antenna problem. 
Another option is to go for the see-through ‘sides only’ or ‘full-body’ iPhone covering kits from ZAGG. This invisible shield comes with a price tag ranging from $9.99 to $24.99. 

Thus, your iPhone antenna problems can be resolved by using cases or shields that are easily available online. If you are not sure about the option you must go for, it is advisable to get in touch with a local iPhone repair specialist in your locality to get the right repair done as soon as possible. You may search for these iPhone repair specialists online or refer to your peers and friends for references and suggestions.