iPhone Touch Screen Not Working?! Here's the Solution- TOP iPhone repairs Sydney Specialists

posted Apr 20, 2011, 5:48 AM by Stephanie Wei   [ updated Jul 24, 2012, 1:43 AM ]
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Your iPhone is no doubt one among the best gadgets available in the market today. It's indeed a device that you can truly be proud of. But, you've to accept the fact that like all other handsets, even the iPhone is not perfect! It is fragile and its glass can easily break if handled carelessly. Even its touch screen is delicate and can have certain issues at times. So, are you too facing any such touch screen issue? Is your iPhone touch screen not working or responding properly? If that is the case, here's a quick solution for you. 

Sometimes, it might so happen that the top and bottom rows on your iPhone's touch screen become unresponsive. Although the reason for this is unknown, this is a common complaint reported by many iPhone users. Before seeing the various options available for touch repair, let's understand how you can prevent this issue. To prevent this kind of a problem with the touch screen of your iPhone, it is advisable to have the 2-year AppleCare Plan with you. If you didn't take it at the time of purchase, you can even apply for it now. This will help you to notify Apple at the very first hint of probable problems. Besides, a number of accessories have been made available by the company to protect your precious device from all sorts of damages. 

A number of iPhone users post complaints, such as "iPhone touch screen not working", on various public forums almost every day. If you are one of these troubled iPhone owners, here are a few procedures that you can take to try and fix this touch screen problem on your iPhone. If a certain app has frozen on your iPhone, it might not be a very serious issue like it seems to be. You can try fixing it by simply using the home button to unfreeze the device. Most likely, this will fix the issue without requiring you to take any additional steps. 

If the above solution doesn't work, you may try restarting your iPhone. This can be easily done by pressing the ‘square button' present below the screen (right at the bottom of your phone) and the bottom of the extreme top right of the device at the same time. It is very similar to holding down the middle and the menu button simultaneously when restarting the iPod! Thus, simply restarting the iPhone can sometimes resolve the issue of a non-responsive touch screen. However, in this process, make sure that before you restart, you have a backup file saved on your computer. 
If that also doesn't work, you may choose to send your iPhone to the Apple repair center. Though the repair is a little costly, it is completely safe and guaranteed. You have to register your problem online as "iPhone touch screen not working" and take a prior appointment to get the touch repair done. If there is no Apple service center nearby, you can easily send your iPhone for touch screen repair at a local iPhone repair specialist store. You may find the contact address of several such stores online by typing ‘iPhone touch repairs' or just ‘iPhone repairs' followed by your locality name in Google or any other search engine. For example, if you reside near Hurstville Center, Sydney, searching for ‘iPhone repairs Hurstville center' in Google can get you all the required information.