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posted Apr 19, 2011, 5:38 AM by Stephanie Wei   [ updated Jul 9, 2012, 10:03 PM ]
Did you mistakenly break your iPhone glass in an accident? If yes, you must now be looking for an iPhone repair specialist or a place to get your iPhone glass replacement done at affordable prices. It is quite unfortunate that iPhone glass damage has become a common problem nowadays. As damaged iPhone glass can lead to several other problems with your iPhone over time, it is imperative to get it replaced as soon as possible. With a growing demand to replace iPhone glass, several cell phone repair stores and individual iPhone specialists have started offering specialized services to repair broken iPhone glass. Many vendors also sell iPhone replacement glass for all iPhone models. 

But, when it comes to handing over your precious little device for getting the broken glass replaced, you must make sure that you choose a certified and experienced vendor or company. Also, ensure that the repair comes with a warranty so that you can get back to the repair store in case any problem arises after repair. 
The question that is asked by majority of people who land in a similar inopportune situation is - How to replace iPhone glass? Usually, when an iPhone falls against a hard surface, a small chip develops in the glass. In case, the impact is harder, the glass sometimes develops spider-web like cracks that need more attention. There are several ways in which iPhone glass replacement can be done. When your iPhone glass breaks, the first thing you must do is to carefully examine the broken iPhone glass. If you find the glass is shattered, first check if some pieces have entered inside the device. If that is the case, take your iPhone for iPhone glass repair immediately as these fine pieces of glass can cause a lot of damage to the delicate internal circuits of the device. In case the broken iPhone glass is merely a small chip or a small crack, you may choose to use the iPhone without any repair. 
But, it is advisable to still opt to replace iPhone glass as dust, dirt, and moisture can accumulate inside the device via these cracks and cause permanent damage in the long run. 

Once you are sure of the kind of damage, you need to choose a trained professional who has an extensive experience in dealing with iPhone glass replacement. You may find a list of these professionals and repair stores in your locality online. You may also ask your colleagues and friends for references. You can also choose to replace the glass on your own. But, before you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have been advised properly. You may go through a number of DIY tutorial videos available online to repair broken iPhone glass. The process involved in repairing or replacing a damaged iPhone glass is quite challenging and tedious. As the process involves the use of high quality precision tools and deals with highly delicate circuitry, it must be carried out in a well-lit area. Note that the tools being talked about here are not the usual tools lying around in your house. There are special tools designed specially to replace iPhone glass. So, before you begin, make sure you have the required tool kit and enough confidence to proceed further.